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UMG Investments Business Development Director appointed investment banker with 15 years experience


Главной задачей Надежды в новой роли станет формирование портфеля инвестиционных проектов. Под ее управлением команда сфокусируется на поиске новых бизнес-проектов, их развитии и последующей продаже инвесторам.


The main task of Nadia in the new role will be the formation of a portfolio of investment projects. Under her management, the team will focus on finding new business projects, their development and subsequent sale to investors.

“I return with great optimism two years later to the business environment. I am glad to have the opportunity to work closely with a team of professionals. I believe in our common success, ”says Nadezhda Kaznacheyeva, director of business development at UMG Investments.

“We are strengthening the team and attracting professionals from the investment market. Our company plans to launch projects from scratch and to buy ready-made businesses, including in new industries. I am sure that the experience of Nadezhda Kaznacheyeva will allow to achieve the goals set, ”commented the appointment of the general director of UMG Investments Andrei Gorokhov.

Nadezhda Kaznacheyeva has been working in the investment market for over 15 years. Before joining UMG Investments, Nadezhda held the position of Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, and after that – Advisor to the Minister and Project Manager of the Office of the National Investment Council under the President of Ukraine. In these positions, Ms. Kaznacheyeva was responsible for attracting investment in the industry, corporatization of state-owned companies and their preparation for privatization, as well as the development of public-private partnerships. Prior to working with public sector reforms, Nadezhda Kaznacheyeva headed the M & A direction of the investment boutique Altius (formerly Golden Gate Business). With her participation, the company conducted a series of merger and acquisition deals in FMCG, real estate, retail and other industries, including a number of deals for the investment company Horizon Capital. Nadezhda Kaznacheeva holds a Master’s degree from the Institute of International Relations of the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University with a degree in International Economic Relations.

UMG INVESTMENTS is an investment company with a focus on the development of businesses in the raw materials and processing sectors. Founded in 2006 by SCM Group. The company’s portfolio includes three raw materials business areas: the extraction of raw materials, the processing of industrial waste and products for metallurgy. The total value of UMG INVESTMENTS portfolio companies exceeds $ 500 million.