VESCO Limited Intends to Purchase Shares of Chasovoyarsky Refractory Plant

[:ru]Компания VESCO Limited (Кипр) подала заявление в Антимонопольный комитет Украины относительно выдачи разрешения на приобретение доли акций ПАО «Часовоярский огнеупорный комбинат».


VESCO Limited (Cyprus) filed an application to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for a permission to purchase shares of Chasovoyarsky Refractory Plant.  The Committee started consideration of the case opened for the purpose of enhanced studying of the effect of concentration on the commodity markets where the parties to such concentration operate, in accordance with the procedures established by the effective legislation.

“For VESCO, its intention to purchase Chasovoyarsky Refractory Plant is a step towards increasing its feedstock resources and extending the product portfolio by strengthening its market positions. As one of the global manufacturers, we strive for continuous extension of opportunities for the company growth and investing into development of clay production in Ukraine. We expect the conclusions of the Committee be obtained within the time frames established by law”, said Yevhenii Tsymarman, CEO at VESCO.


VESCO Limited is a company holding 100% of shares in the group of clay production enterprises VESCO. One of the company shareholders is SCM, the company engaged in management of clay production enterprises via the representatives of UMG Investments being members of VESCO Supervisory Board. 

VESCO is the group of clay production enterprises Vesco PrJSC, Druzhkivka Mining Company PrJSC, Ogneupornerud PrJSC, which fall within the clay production line of business at UMG Investments. It is one of the leading producers in the market of clays in Ukraine, and one of the global leaders in production and export of white plastic clays. Its technical equipment and modern production technologies enable a complete production cycle, from feedstock mining to production of semi-finished and finished products. The annual production output of VESCO enterprises accounts for 3 million tons. Its products are exported to more than 25 countries of the world. 

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