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  • The UMG Investments portfolio has a new enterprise — Ukrainian Mineral Fertilizers, a company producing nitrogen fertilizers

The UMG Investments portfolio has a new enterprise — Ukrainian Mineral Fertilizers, a company producing nitrogen fertilizers


UMG Investments имеет портфельные компании в трех отраслях: добыча полезных ископаемых, управление побочными продуктами и отходами производства, промышленные товары и услуги. Рыночная стоимость активов под управлением UMG Investments превышает 500 млн долл. США.


UMG Investments has portfolio companies involved in three industries: minerals extraction, by-products and production wastes management, industrial goods and services. The market value of assets managed by UMG Investments exceeds USD 500 million.

This week, the by-product and waste management portfolio presented by Recycling Solutions reports on the opening of a mineral fertilizers production complex in Kryvyi Rih. The main products are nitrogen and sulfur and complex fertilizers based on ammonium sulfate. Production capacity of the new facility allows to provide Ukrainian farmers with up to 100 thousand tons of finished products annually.

“For the investment company’s team, the Ukrainian Mineral Fertilizers project is a significant event. After all, they planned and built the facility from scratch. The total amount of investments is over USD 11 million. The company created 72 jobs and has already paid over UAH 9 million in taxes to local and state budgets since its establishment,” Andrii Horokhov, UMG Investments CEO, commented on the opening. “This year, it is the second project of the recycling portfolio. In March, we reported on entering into agreement with Effective Investments for acquisition of a minority stake in a modern enterprise involved in the production of Feednova high-protein feed additives for farm and domestic animals. The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2020. So far, the company has already started installing the phase 1 equipment on the construction site. Further, we are planning to invest in recycling area, and we are currently looking for partners and considering relevant plastic recycling projects.”

Over 6 months in 2020, Recycling Solutions has sold over 825 thousand tons and 455 thousand m3 of waste andby-products produced by domestic enterprises. The company’s gross income amounted to UAH 343.1 million and UAH 12.2 million were invested to create new recycling enterprises.

Our company studies and creates opportunities for ecological production, which will allow us to create additional value and have a positive impact on the environment and key sectors of the Ukrainian economy. For many years, crystalline ammonium sulfate, a valuable by-product of the metallurgical industry that can be converted into fertilizers, has been exported for recycling to Turkey, Bulgaria or Serbia. Following this, it was imported back to Ukraine to meet the demand of agricultural enterprises. Recycling Solutions has set up a local factory in Kryvyi Rih to recycle crystalline ammonium sulfate into a ready-to-use granular product. The plant not only supports the value of the circular economy by providing recyclables for the main industrial process, but also cuts down the resources spent on exporting these products around the world,” Dmytro Anufriiev, Recycling Solutions CEO, says.

Ukrainian Mineral Fertilizers production complex produces granular fertilizers based on compaction technology using energy-efficient and environmentally friendly methods. It is equipped with new modern and automated equipment provided by Hosokawa Alpine Japanese and German Holding, having over 100 years of experience in this field. The company has a multilevel raw materials and finished products quality control system.

UMG INVESTMENTS is an investment company specialising in the development of portfolio businesses with high growth potential. UMG Investments was founded by SCM in 2006 as a United Minerals Group holing company for asset management in raw material industries. Since its inception, UMG Investments has expanded its range of activities and changed its business model from a management company to an investment one. UMG Investments representatives are members of the supervisory boards of portfolio companies, which allows them to influence the strategy and operational solutions through corporate management mechanisms.
Recycling Solutions is a Ukrainian company involved in strategic by-products and waste management. Using best practices, we strive to ensure the cyclical use of natural resources and industrial waste, caring for and improving the environment. For the time being, the company is a comprehensive operator of recyclables management for coal, metallurgical, agricultural, heat and power industries of Ukraine. Areas of activity: recycling and sale of coal combustion products, metallurgical slags, rare and technical gases, ammonium sulfate, animal by-products; production of thermal and electric energy on the basis of mine methane. Since its inception, the company has attracted over 15 million US dollars in investments for business development and introduction of recycling technologies. Over 220 people are employed at the company. Recycling Solutions company is included in the UMG Investments portfolio.
Ukrainian Mineral Fertilizers company was founded in 2017. The company has created a modern complex for mineral fertilizers recycling and storage in Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk region). The main product is granular ammonium sulfate. It is one of the few companies producing mineral fertilizers in the country that uses environmentally friendly European equipment and is capable of making products without impurities that meet the strictest world quality standards. Production capacity of the enterprise is 100 thousand tons of finished products per year. The company is included in the Recycling Solutions portfolio.


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